Swing Arm-Band Trainer
Swing Arm-Band Trainer
Swing Arm-Band Trainer
Swing Arm-Band Trainer

Swing Arm-Band Trainer

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Want the FREE & EASY way to instantly hit your ball 100 yards further?

Correct hand & arm position is something that is often ignored. But you can't shoot low scores without mastering your arm position!

Your Swing Arm-band Trainer stops your elbows flaring out and keeps your body together with your arms to develop a smooth swing.

Great for putting and driving, your Swing Arm-band Trainer will improve timing for better putting accuracy and greater driving distance.

Outstanding value: For our Summer sale we're giving away our last 17 Arm-band Trainers for FREE. All you have to do is cover shipping to instantly increase your driving distance.

Injury prevention: Prevent upper body injuries that occur due to poor swing. Over 90% of injuries golfers pick up are due to incorrect swing technique. Use your Armband Trainer to protect against this.

Proven results: 1000's of Arm-band Trainers have been sold around the world! Why should they get the benefit and not you?

Effortless improvement: The Arm-band Trainer does all the work for you, meaning you can't help but improve your technique.

Key part of your game: If you're arms and body aren't aligned they can't come through straight. And you can't control the ball. Without control of the golf ball shooting low scores becomes impossible. Start lowering your score today!

All you have to do is wait 20-39 days for shipping so you can enjoy all the benefits of the Swing Armband Trainer for FREE. It's only a couple of weeks to wait for a lifetime of improvement & injury prevention.

This offer ends when stock runs out. Due to the demand we ask that you order a maximum of 2 per person. 

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